Water Soluble Strip Laundry Bags


Solu-Strip water soluble strip bags are designed to cope with the ever increasing demand for up-to-date cost effective solutions for infection control and the safe containment and transport of contaminated laundry from the point of collection to within the washing machine.


Acedag water soluble strip sack is unique, being the only water soluble strip sack to have the water soluble panel extruded into the polythene film to guarantee the materials are securely joined to eliminate any possibility of bacterial escape. The sack is loaded, still sealed, into the washing machine. At the end of the washing cycle, simply remove the disinfected polythene from the washing. The water soluble strip washes away and is of no harm to the environment. The polythene that is left may then be recycled.


Solu-Strip and Solu-Strip Plus Laundry Sacks are now available in 'Bag on the roll' or flat packed.


Solu-Strip range of laundry sacks:

  • Solu-Strip Plus: The ultimate water soluble strip sack

  • Solu-Strip Lite: The water soluble strip sack designed for lighter applications.

  • Solu-Strip Plus Degradable: Same specification as the Solu-Strip Plus sack manufactured from a degradable polymer

  • Solu-Strip Lite Degradable: Same specification as the Solu-Strip Lite sack manufactured from a degradable polymer


Solu-Strip laundry sacks are manufactured to the following standard sizes:

  • 430 x 685 x 710 mm - (17 x 27 x 28 inches)

  • 430 x 685 x 910 mm - (17 x 27 x 36 inches)

  • 457 x 710 x 762 mm - (18 x 28 x 30 inches)

  • 457 x 710 x 965 mm - (18 x 28 x 38 inches)


Solu-Strip laundry sacks are available in a range of sizes, colours, plain or printed.



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