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Hot & Cold Water Soluble Laundry Bags

Dissolv-a-way Hot & Cold Water Soluble Laundry Sacks:

Dissolv-a-way fully water soluble laundry bags are designed to cope with the ever increasing demand for up-to-date cost effective solutions for infection control and the safe containment and transport of contaminated laundry from the point of collection to within the washing machine.


Dissolv-a-way water soluble laundry sacks have been formally tested and approved by the National Health Service and are in every day use in NHS hospitals throughout the United Kingdom.


The Dissolv-a-way range of laundry sacks:

  • Dissolv-a-way Cold: Cold water soluble for washes below 40ºC

  • Dissolv-a-way: Hot water soluble for washes 60ºC plus

  • Dissolv-a-way Extra: Cold water resistant for damp linen for washes 65ºC plus

  • Dissolv-a-way Extra Plus: Cold water resistant for wet linen for washes 72ºC plus

  • Dissolv-a-way Mop bags: Cold water resistant for wet mop heads for washes 72ºC plus


Dissolv-a-way laundry sacks are available in a range of sizes, colours, plain or printed



Acedag Water Soluble Laundry Bags are:

  • High quality, reliable, strong and highly puncture resistant

  • Conforming to the UK health Service Guidlines, HSG (95) 18 Hospital Laundry Arrangements for Used and Infected Linen

  • 100% water soluble and biodegradeable

  • Completely Non toxic and harmless to the environment and will dissolve away into the waste stream


Dissolv-a-way Water Soluble sacks are manufactured to the following standard sizes:

  • 457 x 660 x 840 mm - (18 x 26 x 33 inches)

  • 457 x 710 x 990 mm - (18 x 28 x 39 inches)

  • 610 x 914 x 990 mm - (24 x 36 x 39 inches)




  • Dissolv-a-way laundry sacks can be supplied on a roll or flat packed.

  • Dissolv-a-way Soluble Laundry Bags may be manufactured in sizes and colours to customers requirements (minimum quantities apply). Please contact us for details.

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